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In order to win a bet you must know your players and the game

Strategies to win when betting on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Jiu- jitsu players you must know in order to win your bet Jiu-jitsu is a form of athletic used for self defense and exercise. Many times people will confuse it with wrestling. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of those games you should be looking at. Unlike soccer, there are not so many athletes in the jiu-jitsu games, the available handful is your tactic to win the bet.To win a bet you must know your players and the game. You can do this by watching players games and learning their moves.

From the way your players wrestle, you are able to tell the winner. This means that to win bets on soccer, you must have watched several games as well and you will be competing with million other soccer betters predictions from across the globe which is not easy. With Brazilian jiu-jitsu you have less completion and few players to observe in order to win you bet.

Smart betters are stepping up their game by picking strategies away from the ordinary bet tricks. One of these tricks is to bet on a game not well known to other betters except you. To win a bet you must know your players and the game. You can do this by watching players games and learning their moves.Below we will introduce you to the top 5 Jiu Jitsu athletes you must know in order to always win your bets.

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Top 5 Jiu Jitsu athletes

João Ricardo Bordignon Miyao

Ricardo Bordignon Miyao in short known as joao Miyao is a Brazilian and a Japanese desendant born in 1991 with his twin brother Paulo Miyao whom his been winning championships with. Joao is out top on the list for winning these championships among others:

World Champion (2013 brown, purple 2012 & 2011) World No-Gi Champion (2015) World Champion (2012 purple CBJJE) Pan American Champion (2016/2015/2024 black, 2013 brown, purple 2012, 2011 blue) Pan American No Gi Champion (2015) European Champion (2014 black, 2013 brown) Brazilian Champion (2014 black, 2013 brown, purple 2012)

Gianni Grippo

Gianni Grippo Comes second on our list. He was born and raised in New York. He received his black belt on the 1st of October 2013. Many of his fans fancy him for having moved from swimming to join Brazilian jiujutsi. He is a proud winner of these following championships:

Pan American Champion (2015, 2014* black, 2012 brown, 2011 purple)Pan American Champion No Gi (2013 & 2012 brown)World Champion (2013/2012 brown, 2011 purple, 2009 blue)World Pro Champion UAEJJ (2015 black)World Champion No Gi (2011 purple, 2007 blue)World No-Gi Championship 3rd Place (2015)

Michael Langhi

Michael Langhi took the Brazilian nationals by form, coming as number one. He had been off the scene for a while but his return brought him straight to number 3 on our rankings.

Leandro Lo

This black belt holder from Cicero Costha was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He won at the World Cup, Pan American championships and Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championships and the Copa Podio from 2011 to 2013. And he is one of the champions you should look out for in games when placing your bet.

Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria was born in 1987 in 1987 in Juiz de For but after trying out other sports and deciding that he was best for jiu jutsi, Faria moved to Sao Paulo to join a structured team which would build his new career.After winning several other trophies including the pan American championship and the world championship, he was awarded his brown belt in 2007.