Martial arts and Betting

Why you should bet on martial arts

What are martial arts?


Martial arts landed on the gambling floors in the late 1990’s but little attention was paid to them by betters. Martial arts are moves meant for defense and exercise. These include the modern day wrestling, kickboxing, combat sports and boxing. These kinds of moves are believed to have originated from Egypt in 3000 BC but then shifted to Asia, India, Europe, and Brazil as traditional fighting methods.

With the arrival of the Internet in the 1990s, martial arts were quickly shifted to the internet alongside other gambling games where they have lived ever after. In a growing competitive betting industry with lots of dollars laid down on the table for everyone to take their share, it’s time to venture into what other betters haven’t been looking at for years.

Betting on these martial art games will not only earn you bucks. If you research on them, (which you must do in order to win) and practice, you might fall in love with its exercises and win yourself physical fitness, mental health, self esteem, self, control, emotional and spiritual well being.

Brazilian jiu jitsu

Why you are most likely to win when betting on martial arts

The gambling industry comprises of casinos, poker rooms and betting operators. Depending on how games are placed against players. The bet operators make money from betters while casinos are guaranteed to profit due to the house edge and poker rooms receive rake from every pot. With the few ideas we’ve listed below, you will learn to strategize your bet in this industry.

Almost all the MMA fighting channel videos are uploaded on u-tube. Find time and watch them ahead of your betted match. This will help know how the players you’ve betted fight and from their moves, you will be able to determine the winner.

For an 80% chance winner, you must have 2 or 3 bet tip giving websites that you follow. Most of these sites are free to join yet they really help. These sites do reviews ahead of time and are able to predict a match. They will also give you free tips. Once you have all these tips set, the bet win is yours.

Consider investing in the less obvious markets and win big. Never bet your last penny and bet with your mind, not your heart!

Several TV stations air martial arts games and these channels must be on your daily watch list. It is also easy to know almost all the players in the martial arts industry. They are few and the games they play aren’t so many either. Learning about them all, will do you a great favor!

Martial arts games don’t have as much viewership as football, athletics, swimming and the others; and this is why you should bet on them. When you bet say on a football match, you must expect that thousands have already done good research and even viewed some earlier matches that have the same players that are in the match you’ve betted on. It’s very competitive here. A martial arts game is usually followed by few. When you do all your research, you are most likely to win.

Tips for the bet


Stay on your toes by shopping around in other markets. A smart gambler doesn’t follow the same pattern. Do something different to make sure you understand the betting market.

Never bet depending on how much you love a player. Research and learn all about martial arts games before you make the bet to increase your chances of winning! Although betting is illegal in many countries including the World power, USA, it is just hard to track betting companies down since most of their work is done online.

This has got many guessing that countries might soon accept it legally. It is estimated that this industry earns $500bn and $200bn of it is made in the US. This means that there is $500bn for you placed by punters and bettors worldwide for you to cut a slice from.

Can you trust the betting industry?


Of course there are all sorts of rumors that online bet companies can refuse to pay your win, but that’s only for the weak heart. Yes it is true that since these companies operate online, you can claim your pay if they choose not to pay you.

But it’s also logical that if they refuse to pay you, they can’t be able to stay in the game. The Bet industry is based on trust and for the years it has operated, it has proven to be trustworthy.

Another thing that you have to understand is that there are many paid as well as many sites with free offers. You can research and compare between the sites to get the best one for betting on your favorite martial art style. It is all about experience and once you get experienced, you will know the techniques that you have to use. With these techniques you can earn some great profits from the betting on the long run.